Lab 4.1 prep

Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 08/25/2021 - 20:47

10/25 & 10/27 2022: Combined with 4.2

Make 1 set of 12 cultures for each table.

10/21 & 10/26 2021

  • sterilize 12 small flasks for cultures
  • sterilize at least 288 glass culture tubes

See prep for 2015

See LB sugar recipes

  • Make 50 mL of each mixture
  • Put 25 mL into flask for shaking incubator
  • Put 1 mL into microtube for blanks.
  • Save the rest for the second section (in case you need to grow more cells).
  • Make 12 (or 6) 2 mL aliquots - one set per group; 5 mL aliquots of LB

See E. coli for Lac operon

Spread glucose + Kan on plain LB plate, then

Streak incubate overnight, and pick a colony into each medium.

Allow to grow, but not too long! Over day, but not over night? Overnight is OK, but with temp below 30C

Put out blue flashlights and yellow filters

Class can share one black fluorescence plate