0.3 Arabidopsis anatomy

Submitted by margaret on Wed, 11/16/2011 - 18:28

See planting schedule.

Grow Arabidopsis thaliana in individual little pots (about 2 seeds per pot), 2 pots per student pair, starting 7 weeks before class. Seems to work better with dry seeds. Thin them if necessary, so there are individual plants to examine.

Grow a few seeds on MS medium, one plate per student pair. Put into refrigerator about 1 week before class, into growth chamber about 5 days before class

Make enough MS plates for Lab 3.3. Use extra for demo.

Buy vegetables at the grocery store, enough for one complete set/pair or pair of pairs. At home, sort out the necessary amounts, then keep the rest.

Plant part representative vegetable
root carrot
leaf spinach
cotyledon edamame
petiole celery
rosette romaine lettuce
flower sprouted broccoli
seeds sesame seeds
silique sugar snap peas
fruit grape tomatoes
hypocotyl bean sprouts

Dissecting Scopes


Put plant debris and used potting soil in the bucket labeled “Compost”. Add something about putting away dissecting microscopes