0.1 Micro-mixology

Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 16:35

Put out one set of 12 scintillation vials per 2 pairs of students.

Pour out anything that has gone cloudy.

Vortex to remix anything with paint.

To top up,

  • pour all vials into beaker

  • correct volume and color

  • re-aliquot.

Use Google images to find color pictures of triple sec and sour mix to match the color.

Use white paint tint from Cowl's Lumber

Except for red wine, mix food coloring with water first, then dribble the dilute colored solution into water to the desired hue.

Add ethanol or sodium azide as a preservative to the glycerol-based solutions and the coffee creamer.

pseudo: water or ETOH glycerol green yellow red black coffee creamer
grapefruit juice (√)
orange juice
sour mix 60% (√)
ouzo 40%
triple-sec 20%
red wine √√
cola √√