2023 Fall Stephens

Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 07/19/2023 - 14:34
day date topic prep
Tu 9/5 Learn your microscope 10 HeLa parentals, FITC tubulin, 568 phalloidin, DAPI
Th 9/7 Transmitted light and alignment
Tu 9/12 Cameras and calibration
Th 9/14 Numerical Aperture and resolution
Tu 9/19 Fluorescence
Th 9/21 Fluorescence photobleaching (10 brand new triple stained HeLa slides?) Drew says no
Tu 9/26 Immunofluorescence procedure 20 coverslips of fixed HCT116 WT cells (grown on McCoy's) (maybe half treated with a drug the day before fixation),
laminA, green secondary
alpha tubulin, red secondary
Th 9/28 Immunofluorescence imaging
Tu 10/3 Live cell imaging and cell culture Split & seed another dish, live cell staining & imaging nuc blue, mitotracker red
Th 10/5 Plasmid prep. and cell culture Eb1 in liquid culture, Zymo miniprep
Tu 10/10 Monday schedule (Kate transfects HCT116's with Eb1 plasmids, seeds on viewing dishes)
Th 10/12 Transfection imaging / Makeup day image kate-transfected cells
Tu 10/17 Midterm Mai does trial runs
Th 10/19 FLEXIBLE DAY / CURE intro
Tu 10/24 1st day CURE Students fix & stain coverslips
Th 10/26
Tu 10/30
Th 11/1
Tu 11/6
Th 11/8
Tu 11/13
Th 11/15
Tu 11/20
Tu 11/28
Th 11/30 Final Project due
Tu 12/5 Neurobiology
Th 12/7 Neurobiology