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Get coverslip-bottom dishes from Cellvis, much cheaper than MatTek.

60 mm

35 mm

29 mm

Celltreat also has them, about $2/dish:…

Microscope bulbs for phase: 12V 100 W

  • Philips 77241 or
  • Osram HLX 64623

Microscope bulbs for Zeiss:

  • 38-01-77 6V 15W
  • OQ-77Z 3800-18-1740 6V 15W or
  • WW-6W51-8 from

Microscope bulbs for Olympus: BLC 120V 30W S11 BA15D from

Nucleofection kit

Ingenio Electroporation kit, MIR50112

mounting medium (SouthernBiotech Dapi Fluoromount-G, Fisher OB010020)

Hoechst solution Invitrogen™ Hoechst 33342, Trihydrochloride, Trihydrate - 10 mg/mL Solution in Water Nucleic acid stain Invitrogen™ H3570 cheaper than Thermo Fisher

Immersion Oil

For upright microscopes: Low viscosity

For inverted: high viscosity

Roy Kinoshita (MVI) says to use Type B oil ($10.00 for 1oz) for the fluorescence scopes.

Nikon recommends Type B for their Perfect Focus System (PFS), which maintains focus continuously on the inverted, almost always in fluorescence, and designed for long-term imaging. If the oil dries up or seeps down from low viscosity, PFS would fail after a few hours of imaging and people would not be happy. I believe the viscosity is 1250 cs.

From Cargille:

type viscosity RI @ 546 background fluorescence
A 150 1.518 low
FF 170 1.4811 virtually zero
LDF 500 1.518 very very low (for high res fluorescence)
HF 700 1.518 very very low
37LDF 1250 1.5181 low (for use only at 37C)
B 1250 2100 low
NVH 21000 1.5180 low (larger coverslip-to-lens distance)
OVH 46000 1.5178 low