Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 08/04/2023 - 22:03

Yeast Extract Adenine Dextrose Medium

Ade mutants grow well on this without turning red. Better for keeping the parental strains white longer.

1 gram Yeast Extract 2 grams anhydrous dextrose (glucose) 2 grams Agar 8 mL adenine stock solution (1 mg/mL)

Adenine Stock Solution

400 mg adenine in 400 ml water (1 mg/ml) Store at room temperature. Use 2 ml stock solution for 100 ml of medium; reduce the water added to the medium by 2 ml.

Remember to autoclave an appropriate sized graduated cylinder to measure the glucose solution in the sterile hood.

To make YEAD agar plates
at mm plate diameter
pour mL per plate
start with: mL water
add: g yeast extract, stir till dissolved
add: g agar, leave stir bar in
autoclave for: minutes
add asceptically mL filter-sterilized 1 mg/mL adenine
add asceptically mL filter sterilized 20% glucose
for a final volume of mL