2022 Eureka

Submitted by kdorfman on Thu, 07/14/2022 - 19:27

color mixing workshop LLCPK GFP-alpha tubulin cells (have a lot of vacuoles, though)

Made up 2x staining solutions in Fluorbrite:

Nuc blue: 20 uL/2 mL; 40 uL/2 mL

Mitotracker red: 250 nM, 500 nM

Cells incubated in coverslip dish 1 mL nuc blue staining solution + 1 mL mitotracker staining solution.

Hi nuc + Hi MT
Hi nuc + low MT
low nuc + Hi MT
low nuc + low MT

Warm all media first, then remove the F10-Hams, replace with appropriate staining solutions. Keep cells in incubator for 15 min, check...

Color Mixing with Inks CMY(K)

1:15 (approximate) yellow printer ink in water 1:200 magenta 1:200 cyan

we pipetted various ink amounts onto parafilm to mix colors - final volume of droplets = 100ul

Additive Mixing with Light (RGB Flashlights) Flashlights made by RaySoar LED Limited Company