Alkaline Lysis Reagent

Submitted by kdorfman on Tue, 06/21/2022 - 15:07

Alkaline Lysis Reagent for HotSHOT DNA prep

Recipe from Mike Charles 10/15/03;; retrieved from Craig Albertson's lab, recalculated for1 M NaOH - 10 M will damage your plastic tube!!

Reagent stock conc final conc amt
NaOH 1 M 25 mM 1.25 mL
EDTA 0.5 M 0.2 mM 20 uL
dI water to final volume 50 mL


To make mL Alkaline Lysis Reagent
add: mL 1M NaOH
add: uL 0.5M EDTA
plus to final volume: mL H2O

pH =~12