Ethanol orders

Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 16:13

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Now go to Fisher punch out. Order ethanol and other chemicals (not non-chemicals or they will go through CEMS delivery).

how many Fisher part # concentration price
1 case/4 each 1 gallon 04355226 190 Proof ethanol $42.90
1 each/5 gallon 04355221 190 Proof ethanol $46.03
1 case/4 each 1gallon 04355223 200 Proof ethanol $42.90
1 each/5 gallon 04355224 200 Proof ethanol $47.29

For alcohol orders, set Commodity Code to Alcohol

In accounting codes tab, make sure accounting code is 739660-A (Tax Free Alcohol)

Check Ship-to address is Chemical Receiving

Assign to your purchaser or Submit Requisition

Change your default shipping address back to normal if you’re ordering non-chemical supplies.