Syto RNASelect

Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 19:47

SYTO RNASelect Green Fluorescent Cell Stain (Invitrogen S32703)

$210 from Invitrogen

Fluoresces green when bound to RNA.

excite: 490 nm, emit: 530 nm

Can be used in live or fixed cells. Fix in methanol, NOT formaldehyde!

Don't use in conjunction with red-orange dyes.


100µL 5 mM in DMSO. Store at -20C, dessicated, dark.

To thaw: warm to RT, spin down.

Should be stable for >= 1 year.

Make labeling solution

Make 5µM intermediate stock:

2 µL 5mM stock + 1998 µL medium or PBS

Make 20 100 µL aliquots in 1.5 mL tubes

Label: RNASelect - 100 µL - 5 µM intermediate stock in PBS; Add 900 µL to make labeling solution

Make 500 nM labeling solution in medium or PBS

100 µL 5 µM intermediate + 900 µL medium


Live cells

  • Cells on coverslip
  • Warm 500 nM labeling solution to 37C
  • Incubate at 37C 20 min
  • Rinse twice in PBS or medium
  • Add warm medium, let cells rest 5 min
  • Fix in chilled methanol 10 min at -20C
  • Several washes in PBS

Fixed cells

  • Remove coverslip from medium
  • Fix in chilled methanol 10 min at -20C
  • Remove methanol, let slip sit in PBS 5 min
  • Apply labeling solution 20 min RT
  • Wash 5 min in PBS
  • Mount coverslip