Optima Plate Reader

Submitted by kdorfman on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 19:12

Link to Programs here

sign in to the "student" account
user = .\student pw = student@ISB364

Find Optima Control in the start menu

Folders icon pinned to taskbar

Data files go to: This PC > Local Disc (C:) > users > student > documents
(also to backups)

Find protocols to import in: This PC > Local Disc (C:) > users > Public > Public Downloads > PS1_Protocols

Plate IDs (in the run menu)
ID1 is file name. Be sure to give a file name

To get the meta data on the output csv file:
Program configuration
define format

Set Preferences before running a script! See p 28 of user manual ii, below.

Setup > Program Configuration > Define Format > Filename and Path

File info

Overwrite, append, make new file with same name + number


  • no header - just the data - useful for files that have to be compiled
  • long header includes wavelength - just the right amount of info (USE THIS)
  • full header (Ex, Em wavelength, date, time, etc) way too much info
  • short header does not include wavelength
  • Danish headers writes the file name next to the row ID. (!?!)


  • Table: no well numbers, or wavelength indicators, etc. Just the results in plate layout form.
  • Table with well numbers: puts the well IDs next to the reading (Very hard to read)
  • Table with well numbers (only measured wells)
  • Table with well numbers in plate layout style: USE THIS

  • List (Literally, a list. no plate info. all values in one column)

  • List with well numbers

    A B
    1 A01 10
    2 A02 12
    3 A03 11
    4 A04 13
  • List with well numbers (only measured wells): puts a - for a skipped well)

  • List sorted by wells (all cycles in one row, chromatics in separate blocks)
  • List sorted by wells with well numbers
  • List sorted by well numbers (only measured wells)
  • List sorted by wells (all cycles/intervals/channels/chromatics in one row)
  • List sorted by wells 2 " " " (only measured wells)

Script mode

For i = 1 to 72 This is the counter
id 1 = "BOD1" BOD1 is the file name
id 1 = "BOD1" i makes a separate file for each run, called BOD1_1. BOD1_2 etc.

Excitation filters Emission filters
340 520
485 570
492 590
530 620