Perfect Plant 2024

Bio 427 - Madelaine Bartlett


Date subject prep
2/7 plant architecture Find the leaf. lycophytes, bryophytes, diversity, alstoemeria, Ruscus
2/14 ferns and lycophytes ???? clv1 and wus mutants? from maize, tomato, arabidopsis; moss phyllotaxy
2/21 seed plants life cycles - moss gametophytes, sporophytes; tree thinking/traits on a tree. moss gametophytes, fern gametophytes, prepared slides
2/28 individual plant 1
3/6 fruit diversity fruit diversity (grocery store) including Citrus diversity; fas PCR, fruit description
3/13 exam 1
3/20 spring break
3/27 ABC model arabidopsis and maize ABC(E) mutants
4/3 individual plant 2
4/10 floral diversity grocery store floral diversity
4/17 exam 2
4/24 leaf development patterning mutants - ask Aman, Annis
5/1 leaf diversity Leaf morphological and anatomical diversity (C3 and C4), practice making hand sections
5/8 presentations

Prep pages