Week 05

Submitted by kdorfman on Mon, 07/24/2023 - 20:50

Yeast Lab week of 10/2/23

(See also pollination)

YED plates: 4/pair


See notes here

  • Sterile technique
  • Spray 70% ethanol
  • Serial dilution (5 tubes)
  • Sterile water
  • glass beads
  • Wild type stock plate (HA0 or HB0) (1/table)
  • YED plates 3/pair
    • control (most dilute)
    • 7 sec UV exposure (next most dilute)
    • 10 sec UV exposure (next most dilute)
  • UV transilluminators
  • face shields

Come in next day and move plates to fridge

Look for spores

  • check YeKAc plate from previous lab; make a wet mount and look for spores
  • Microscopes
  • slides
  • coverslips
  • water
  • pick from YeKAc plate to YED plate (1/pair) to observe for color next lab

Observe class "pre-spore" YED plate from previous week