Cells 2018

Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 17:07
Date Topic cells needed
1/31 microscopy boot camp 7 fixed, stained slides
3/30 introduction to cultured cell model; Demo of sterile technique, plating etc 3 flasks of LLCs to split & plate on MatTeks; 6 MatTeks live LL-GFP-alpha tubulin/red myosin cells to view
4/4 Learn to stain cells; 10 paraGlut fixed coverslips for staining
4/4 Nucleofect (pat has siRNA) 3 fresh flasks for nucleofection, plated Tuesday with 10^6 cells; 6 coverslips of live cells for fixing
4/6 fix the siRNA cells no cells; fixative
look at stained cells from 4/4
look at stained organelles use the stained slides bioimaging
4/11 mitosis. 12 Live GFP tubulin cells in dishes, fixed llcpk, microtubule stain, for mitotic index, fixed at 24 and 48 hr
4/13 mitosis: inhibitors 12 live GFP tub in dishes, 12 live parental on coverslips for treat, fix
4/18 quantify data from 4/13; live cell + inhibitor experiment Live cells in Matteks, plated Monday
4/20 presentation for module