Materials for 5.1

Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 11/04/2011 - 14:40



perfusion chambers (Coverwell 622503 from Grace Bio-Labs) - clean with distilled water


lens paper

NOTE: The optics are bad with the plastic coverslip on the perfusion chamber. If you peel the silicone gasket off the plastic coverslip and replace it with a glass coverslip, you can see much better! (See if there are thinner gaskets.)

Double-sided tape! Put 4 strips of double sided tape on a slide, lower a coverslip over them, and voila! chambers for bacteria! Make sure the tape strips are longer than the coverslip is wide, so you can introduce cells or media without mixing them.

Try double-sided tape with a liner so it is easier to cut and handle, e.g. MMM4010 at WBMason. Scotch Double-Sided Mounting Tape, Industrial Strength, 1" x 60", Clear/Red Liner

For phase to work, the condenser must be at maximum height!

Phase rings must be aligned! Telescope in microscope bulb drawer can be used to align rings. Loosen the chrome screws, adjust the ring with the little black wheels, then tighten. Repeat for each ring/objective combination.

Darkfield may work, too, but condenser must be at maximum height as well.