2012 mussel labs schedule

2012 mussel labs schedule kdorfman Tue, 03/12/2013 - 14:13

week of Feb 28

2/29 (9 am): practice using iworx

Try ordering small (~1-2 L) dispensers, one for artificial sea water and one for artificial pond water

week of March 5

run through with mussels

order 12 mussels 2/28 for delivery Friday 3/1

get marine mussels from grocery store. Make sea water with salt from Patek lab (34 g/L). ADD SALT TO FULL VOLUME OF WATER to avoid precipitating salts.

March 6

iWorx introduction "Physics of physiology"

bring balances in from prep rooms

order 48 mussels for delivery Friday 3/8

March 13

mussel lab 1

Patrick gets mussels from grocery store - they work much better than FW mussels. Make artificial sea water from salt obtained from Patek lab.

March 27

mussel lab 2

order ? mussels for delivery Friday 3/30

April 3

mussel lab 3