Orders kdorfman Tue, 08/13/2019 - 17:53

Billing Address:
UMass Accounts Payable Controllers Office
405 Goodell Building
140 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003

Order spreadsheet up to May 2022

Order Spreadsheet after May 2022 (In Folder: ISB Biolabs Business)

Updating the Order Spreadsheet

  1. Enter any OneCard orders Manually
  2. Export Your Orders from UMASS Buyways
  • Sign into your Buyways Account using your NetID
  • Open a Listing of your Orders

    • Click the "Search" Icon on the far Left (looks like a piece of Paper)
    • Select "My Orders"
    • Select "My Purchase Orders"
  • Organize your List of Orders

    • you may narrow down the results to a specific time frame.
    • You can filter the results as desired
    • you may choose to click to select only specific orders.

*Click "Export All" (use the Drop Down Arrow to select options) (see small Blue Text at the Top Right under "Logout")

  • Create a Title for your Export Request.
    • (e.g.: 2022_10_21 ISB Biolabs Purchases - Packard)
  • Enter the "Type" as: User Defined Template
  • the format will be a csv file
  • Choose Template --> "ISB Biolabs Exporting POs - OFFICIAL Template 10/2022"
  • Click "Submit"

    • In a pop up window you will see and select " Manage Search Exports"
    • Click "Refresh" until your file is generated, this is over to the Right.
    • Copy your results into the Master Orders Spreadsheet on OneDrive

Ethanol orders

Ethanol orders kdorfman Fri, 10/23/2020 - 16:13

Create a new cart

Now go to Fisher punch out. Order ethanol and other chemicals (not non-chemicals or they will go through CEMS delivery).

how many Fisher part # concentration price
1 case/4 each 1 gallon 04355226 190 Proof ethanol $42.90
1 each/5 gallon 04355221 190 Proof ethanol $46.03
1 case/4 each 1gallon 04355223 200 Proof ethanol $42.90
1 each/5 gallon 04355224 200 Proof ethanol $47.29

For alcohol orders, set Commodity Code to Alcohol

In accounting codes tab, make sure accounting code is 739660-A (Tax Free Alcohol)

Check Ship-to address is Chemical Receiving

Assign to your purchaser or Submit Requisition

Change your default shipping address back to normal if you’re ordering non-chemical supplies.