From your PC

From your PC kdorfman Wed, 02/27/2019 - 19:12

* Download and install <a href="">WinSCP</a>

* Open Site Manager from the File menu, and enter:

 * Select Entry:  New Site
  * Hostname:
 * port:  22
 * protocol:  SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol
 * Logon type:  ask for password
 * User: your BCRC username

* Click Connect

* Enter your bcrc password, and click OK

* If you get a warning about an unknown host key, choose "always trust this host" and add this key to the cache.

* The remote site is something like this: /u1/home/bio/username (personalized with your username, of course)

* Clear the Remote site box and type: /data/bioimaging

* Enlarge the absurdly small window under the remote site bar and scroll to find your microscope folder.  Move files between local and remote folders by drag-and-drop, or by right click and upload (local to remote) or download (remote to local)