Naegleria 2019 schedule

Naegleria 2019 schedule bcrcstaff Fri, 01/04/2019 - 16:51
date activities supplies
1/22 discussion none
1/24 Microscopy boot camp slides for observation?
1/29 Cloning bootcamp AgeI
Ligase kit
Qiagen PCR Purification
37C, 42 C heat block
liquid LB
LB amp (carb?) plates (3/pair), sterile glass beads
Competent cells (DH5 alpha, just for cloning)
1/31 Naegleria 101 HT115 (from Lil?), Lugol's
2 mM tris pH 7.6
30C shaking incubator
sterile toothpicks
liquid LB, carb or amp stock,
coverslip bottom dishes
sterile 10 mL culture tubes
2/5 Cloning bootcamp 2
transform dsRNA-expressing bacteria + controls
restriction enzymes (which ones?)
1.2 % agarose gel (wide)
gel rig & viewer
20 carb/tet LB plates
2/7 start ON dsRNA bacteria cultures, prep Naegleria cultures induction medium
LB Amp 2 tubes of 5 mL/group
2/11 plate ON cultures NM Amp/IPTG ( 0.5 - 1 mM) plates 2/ pair
2/12 grow bacteria. Plate lawns on induction medium Naegleria & E. coli growth plates
sterile beads
2/14 differentiate fed amoebae and controls iodine (Lugols?)
2mM Tris
culture tubes
shaking incubator
coverglass bottom dishes
2/21 presentations none NM