Projectors kdorfman Wed, 06/17/2009 - 14:50

There are two different kinds of projectors in the ISB biology/biochemistry lab wing:

Rooms 360 and 364 have the higher quality projectors.

In 360, the projector is turned on via the Crestron. Hold down the video button until the projector turns on, then press the pc button to switch to your computer.

The instructor's computer, at the central microscope, has a mini-DVI to DVI adaptor connection to the cable running up the central pole.

For best resolution from the instructor's computer, log in as bcrc, then go to system preferences>displays, and pick 1344 x 1008 on the projector. Switch to the monitor, and go to arrangement, set it to mirror images. Set the resolution to 1344 x 840.

Use the remote control (in the drawer at the window side of the room labeled "remote control") to turn the projector on and off if the Crestron doesn't seem to work.

To connect to the projector via VGA, use the connector on the Crestron.

To turn the projector off, press the video button until the light blinks.

In 364, there are two connections to the projector: under the window to the right of the screen (#2), and at the desk behind the projector (#1). Connecting to the jack at the window overrides the signal from the jack at the desk. The front jack should also give you a better image.

In room 264, there are two projector jacks: under the window to the right of the screen (#2), and at the desk behind the projector (#1). The jack at the front gives you better video quality, but if you need sound, you need to use the jack by the desk.

To reset the projector if is claiming input from video instead of computer, use the remote (in a labeled drawer near the jack at the front of the room). Or unplug the projector (the white cable from the projector to the ceiling outlet), wait a minute, then replug it.