2022 (Stephens)

2022 (Stephens) kdorfman Fri, 06/03/2022 - 18:20

Pre-semester prep:

6 slides of each cell line (B16 30, 31, 32) all with TRITC phalloidin & DAPI

3 each:

day date lab prep
Th 9/29 image IF slides from previous lab cell culture demo (9 flasks for students, 18 coverslip bottom dishes for 477H, 8 for Kari
Tu 10/4 live cell observations w/ NucBlue & Mitotracker
split into 1 25 cm2 flask for nucleofection
Eb in liquid culture
Th 10/6 split again, miniprep
Tu 10/11 nucleofection aliquot nucleofection reagents
nucleofection into dish, also flask?
Th 10/13 live cell imaging of transfected cells
Tu 10/18 midterm
Th 10/20 Plan CURE projects
Tu 10/25 IF on coverslips: 24 B16 30, 12 B16 31, 12 B16 32 plate on M 10/24
Lamin Ac (mouse) +alpha tubulin (rat), goat anti rat red, goat anti mouse green fix in paraformaldehyde
Hec1 (mouse) + alpha tubulin (rat), goat anti rat red, goat anti mouse green humid chambers, colored markers, DAPI, slides