Antibiotics 2013

(weight indicates how much should be on one disk.)

Calculate concentration from volume needed per disk (25 uL)

Make 35 mL of each (because the filter syringe only holds that much)

See recipes in stock solutions.

Make 35 mL each, make 48 0.7 mL aliquots

Antibiotic ug/disk mg/mL category solubility Fisher #
Ampicillin 10 0.4 beta-lactam 50 mg/mL in 1 M NH4OH
tetracycline 30 1.2 tetracycline 10 mg/mL in water
cipro 5 0.2 quinolone 30 mg/mL in water
Kanamycin 30 1.2 Aminoglycoside 50 mg/mL in water

cipro solubility 30 mg/mL in water

ampicillin solubility 50MG/ML IN 1M AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE ampicillin sodium salt is soluble 50 mg/mL in water

Kanamycin 50 mg/mL in water

Tetracycline 10 mg/mL

The HCl forms are more water soluble